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Breaking barriers brought her success in entrepreneurship

Studying in a college in Dhaka, Dilara Amjad had time on her hands to pursue her creative interests. She and five other friends together started making handicraft items and supplied products to a leading fashion house though their dreams were short-lived as they all got married at about the same time and were unable to pinch out time to follow their interests.

But the burdens of a household, managing a kid and opposition from in-laws did not put the brakes on Dilara's dreams to shine as an entrepreneur. Although she got preoccupied with raising a family, she never really quit handicrafts. She set up a factory in 2005 in a village in Rajshahi with 10 women workers. Before starting work however, she trained the women for three to four months on hand embroidery. In 2008, she named her factory 'Dia'.

Her journey towards becoming a successful businesswoman was never smooth. She had to overcome social and family opposition to succeed in the business. I had to go outside at night as my factory is far away from the house. My in-laws did not like that. But I had no other alternative either. I had to go. Her capital was also very small so the thought of abandoning her venture also crossed Dilaras mind several times as she could not take the pressures of opposition. But the very next moment, she would try to focus on her duties.

It was 2007 when this young entrepreneur became a member of BWCCI with her entrepreneurial dreams. Seeing her potential, BWCCI gave her trainings on Fashion designing, Business management, Entrepreneurship development, Marketing, Anti Corruption etc so that her business can excel. BWCCI also sent her to MSME training in Jaipur, India organized by Commonwealth to learn about entrepreneurs around the world. I have learnt important marketing mechanisms and business management skills from these trainings which I implemented in my business and came to this position today. She recently started automobile business as an expansion of her venture.

After 6 years of her journey, Dilara is regarded as a successful entrepreneur. She also achieved BWCCI-EBL Progressive Award for her success in business. Her main satisfaction is in the fact that she has been able to create jobs for over a hundred women, mostly needy, destitute and divorced. The 31-year-old now plans to set up a garments factory on a large scale that will create jobs for at least another 400 women in her locality, one of the impoverished regions in the country.

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