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An entrepreneur rekindled with hope

Monowara, a housewife from Rangamati started her venture with a small poultry business. But due to lack of technical knowledge, she could not sustain it for a long time. Though disheartened by the failure, she was not willing to give up her dream to become a self-dependent business woman. She started again in 2000 with some money she saved before. This time she set up a handloom factory in one portion of her house and also a Boutique shop in the city. Her heart was filled with big hopes for the future, but again her little business knowledge was hindering the smooth growth of her business.

Monowara heard about Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI) from a friend who suggested her to become a member. She followed her friends suggestion and started participating in the chamber activities in her division actively. With the eagerness to learn, Monowara grasped every opportunity she got from the chamber to participate in capacity development trainings on topics like Business Management & Communication, Accounting & Book Keeping, fashion designing, Product development and Anti corruption. She also took part in different advocacy workshops organized by the Chamber where she heard and learnt about different issues faced by women entrepreneurs like her and how they dealt with those issues.

At the beginning of her journey, Monowara used to take loans from NGOs with high interest which actually served her purpose a little rather captivated her in a vicious loan
circle. She learned from the Chamber that Women entrepreneurs are entitled to have SME loans from banks. Hopeful with this knowledge, she started applying in different
banks only to her despair. No bank officials were ready to give her loan for her business. During a time like this, two officials from the Chamber Secretariat at Dhaka went to Rangamati to find out the situation of women entrepreneurs in Rangamati. Hearing about Monowaras struggle to have loan, they took her to different banks and talked with bank officials about Bangladesh Banks refinancing scheme. The result was positive. Monowara got her first loan of Taka 3 lac which she invested in her shop. She made a regular repayment of her first loan and again took another 5 lac taka to expand her business. She was inspired again to go with her dream and she is determined to reach the zenith of success being an entrepreneur.

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