Member's success story

Success story of Ilura Aktar- BP-HTI-Khulna

Ms. Ilura Aktar was born in 1988 in a poor family located at Choto Boyra, Shonadanga, Khulna. Her father was a small business man. She got married at the age of 15. Her husband was not so good in any kind of work. He used to took money from his family and became addicted. He was also used to torture her randomly.

Trishna’s Sristy Ladies Tailor

I did not want to be a static witness as a member of a poor family rather eager to live with freedom, dignity and safe life” –a simple desire made U-turn of Trishna’s life a year before.Trishna Hasan Roshna a women entrepreneur of 27 years old

I want to work for the distressed women"- Nila says

Ms. Nilufar Yesmin Nila was born in 1979 in a very poor family located at 42/2, Payra Dorgha Moholla in Sylhet city. Their family is composed of 7 members. Among the 2 br others and 3 sisters, Nilufar Yesmin Nila is the fourth. His father was a small business man. Their family was fully dependent on his petty income.

Success story of Suktara

Mst. Shuktara was born in 1980 in a very poor family of Laxmipur Kachabazar under the Rajpara Police Station in Rajshahi district. Their family was composed of 9 members. Among the 5 brothers and 2 sisters, the number of Shuktara was the sixth. His father was a vegetable seller.

Success story -Rina Akter Bethe

Rina Akter Bethe, the 2nd child of her parents among 6 siblings. She belongs to a very simple and lower middle class family. Her dream was to stand beside her parents by completing her higher educationBut unfortunately the dream didn't turn into reality due to her marriage against her parents consent.